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Home Improvement Contractor in Sulphur La
Pitty Pats Construction is an efficient and effective remodeling contractor  located in the Southwest  Louisiana area. They perform all types of services for both commercial and residential customers. They perform  their services throughout the  Southwest Louisiana and the Southeast Texas Regions.  They employ only the most qualified and skilled  carpentars  and sub-contractors. They conduct their business in a professional manner,  and  their employees and sub-contractors do as well.  They always go  the extra mile to meet the  customers needs.

Pitty Pats Construction performs a wide variety  of home  improvements,  renova tions, upgrades, & more...  
 Remodeling * Improvements * Foundations * Additions * Renovations * Demolitions * Elevations  *  Property Maintenance & Management *  
General Contracting * House Leveling * Kitchen & Baths * Drywall * Painting * Roofing * Skirting * Flooring * Insulation *  Handyman Services 
Commercial Cleaning Services       (New Construction & Offices) * Decks * Awnings * Carports * Patios * Siding *  Drywall  * Roof-Overs * Man Caves *  
 Outdoor Kitchen * Playhouses  * Re-Construction *  New Construction * 
Rough-In Carpentry & Finish Carpentry * 

Complete  Interior Finishing of  Metal  Shops, Portable Building, Garages,    Etc. Skilled carpentry finishing skills. Ability to finish interiors to meet customers needs and every budget,  from the basic economy  to top quality "High End".  This includes the  following:  
(Electrical wiring, plumbing, install insulation- in roof & walls, hang paneling, install tile flooring, cabinetry, toilets, sinks, shower/tubs, etc.) 

Home maintenance services
Home Maintenance Checklists
Home Maintenance Info
Routine Maintenance Inspection's 
  • A healthy home is one that is constructed, maintained, and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health.
  • To maintain a healthy home, occupants should keep it dry, clean, well-ventilated, free from contaminants, pest-free, safe and well-maintained.
  • Good home maintenance can act to reduce allergens, prevent illness, and reduce injury from accidents.
  • This checklist provides basic guidelines; items may need to be checked more often depending on local conditions and manufacturer suggestions.
  • Performing routine regular maintenance services to your home is the only solution when it comes to protecting your asset. 

Flood Damage Restoration Services

  • If possible, stop the water at its source.
  • Turn off the electricity and remove small electrical devices from the areas with excess water, if it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid walking on wet carpet.
  • Remove small furnishings from carpeted areas or place aluminum foil under furniture legs. This helps prevent permanent rust of furniture stains.
  • Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts to avoid contact with wet floors.
  • Remove any breakables, moisture-sensitive and high value items, as well as items that may stain floor coverings. Check under the beds and other furnishings.
  • Plan for restoration crews to move furniture into dry areas.
  • Wash your hands after handling damaged items.
  • Avoid the possibility of electric shock. Do not use home vacuum or shop vacuum to remove the water.
  • Avoid the temptation to turn on fans or heating and air conditioning units as they may spread contamination if the situation is sewage-related. 

Workshops, Awnings, Decks, Barns, Add-On's, ETC.

​To summarize our service's...

We only listed a fraction of the services we offer our clients. Chances are we probably do it, or have a sub-contractor who does.
Give us a call with any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment.
We appreciate your business.
We strive each and every day to give our customers what they want. We are always adding additional services to our list.
"If You Can Google It, We Do It!"